Mantel in India

Harriet in India 3.jpg

As part of a wider project funded by the India-UK-Water Centre (IUWC), Harriet Wilson (ESR for Project 1)  travelled to India in September 2018 to deploy and promote the use of low-cost sensors for environmental monitoring & satellite validation. 


The sensors (Freestation meso weather station & soil moisture sensor) were built by Harriet, using open source Arduino technology & an open-source design. The sensors have been deployed at the University of Delhi and Banares Hindu University (Varanasi) and will be evaluated for use in land-surface modelling and precision irrigation planning.

The project demonstrates the potential of low-cost and accessible sensor technology across the environmental sciences. As well as being involved in this valuable project, Harriet also had the opportunity to promote the MANTEL Project and undertake outreach activities in India.

Having returned from India, Harriet is now on seconmdent at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology in England, working with Dr Ian Jones. Secondments are an integral component of the MANTEL ITN and all ESRs will complete several periods visiting and working with our partner organisations.

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