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Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMU), Estonia

Alo Laas is a researcher at Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMU) and his current research focuses on high frequency monitoring studies on lakes.  Alo was a project leader of the Estonian Observatory of Aquatic Environments (VeeOBS) Project (2012-2015) which involved 35 persons; he worked as a specialist for water management in the Estonian Ministry of Environment (2001-2008); he was work package (WP) leader and member of the management committee for NETLAKE; is currently WP leader in the MANTEL Project; and he is a member of the GLEON Steering Committee (2015-present).  Alo is also responsible for maintenance of lakes high frequency system and row data interpretation in Estonian lakes.

Peeter Nõges is a leading researcher at the Centre for Limnology, Estonian University of Life Sciences where he started his career in 1980, after graduating the biology dept. of Tartu State University. His doctoral thesis in 1987 was dedicated to production ecology of phytoplankton of Lake Võrtsjärv. For 6 years (2003-2009) he worked as detached national expert in limnology and contract agent at EC Joint Research Centre, Institute for Environment and Sustainability (Italy) where his tasks were related to the WFD Intercalibration process and climate change impacts on surface waters. He has published about 200 scientific papers and has participated in 6 EU Framework Programme projects. His main research areas are ecology of shallow lakes and the impact of climate change on lake ecosystems.

Fabien Cremona undertook his PhD at the University of Quebec (Canada), investigating the structure and heavy metal fluxes in littoral food webs of shallow lakes. In late 2012, he joined his present research team in EMÜ Centre for Limnology, Estonia, as a full-time researcher. His work has been mostly focused on modelling of lake carbon fluxes and metabolism. In 2015-2016, Fabien was the project leader of PUT777 “Modelling of metabolism and food web structure of Estonian lakes”. He has in the meantime developed or modified several models and applied them to Estonian and other hemiboreal lakes.

Nasime Janatian is the ESR for Mantel Project 3. Nasime has been involved in the environmental sciences since she entered the Ferdowski University of Mashhad, Iran, where she studied water engineering.  Subsequently, Nasime undertook a Master's Degree in Agro meteorology, during which she developed an advanced statistical approach to estimating air temperature using MODIS land surface temperature data.  The results of her Master’s thesis were published in the International Journal of Climatology and presented at three international conferences.

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