MANTEL Training

One of the key components of the MANTEL Project is the provision of training for the MANTEL Early Stage Researchers, the objective of which is to provide skillsets that ensure technical excellence in their doctoral work and which are transferable within a range of sectors in the water sector. Biel Obrador, University of Barcelona, is the lead for the MANTEL Training Programme.

The Training Programme has been designed to accomplish the League of European Research Universities (LERU) recommendations regarding good practice and target skills pursued in modern doctoral training.

The MANTEL Training Plan includes three components which are informed by personal Career Development Plans for each ESR:

Expert training through individual research projects.

MANTEL ESRs will aquire 'on the job' training through their research and from their supervisors and technical staff within their relevant research institutes, universities and partner organisations.  This component of the training will be carried out and overseen locally by each academic supervisor.

On-going network-wide review of this training will be undertaken and collated to ensure that the local training is undertaken in a timely and appropriate manner.

Local structured training.

Institutes participating in the MANTEL ITN will provide locally structured training which will be made available to all MANTEL ESRs through online delivery or physical attendances at courses or blended learning.  For Universities which require compulsory credits, the ESRs hosted within these universities will complete required courses as necessary.

Network-wide training schools and workshops.

The network-wide training activities consist of two centralised training schools of one week duration, and three advanced statistical and data analysis workshops.  In addition, there will be a final MANTEL conference, organised by the ESRs.

Futher information on each of these network-wide training schools is available by clicking on this link.

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