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MANTEL attends Marine Institute of Ireland Open Day

24 April 2018

Ewan Geffroy, Mantel Project 4, demonstrates the DkIT catchment model

The Marine Institute of Ireland (MI) held a public open day at its Newport research facility in County Mayo in the west of Ireland on Saturday 14th April 2018.  The MI are a partner organisation of the MANTEL ITN and Lough Feagh, situated within the Burrishoole catchment, is one of the high frequency monitoring locations of the MANTEL ITN which are fundamental to MANTEL research projects.

The MANTEL Project was able to showcase its research, and Early Career Researchers Harriet Wilson and Ewan Geffroy, in addition to MANTEL Coordinator Eleanor Jennings, and Marine Institute MANTEL Partner Elvira de Eyto represented the MANTEL Project.

For more information on the MI research facilitaty at Newport, County Mayo, Ireland, click here. For further information on the MI open day, click here.

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