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Timescales of physical change in the lake environment

Effects of major weather events on the relationship between carbon emissions and aquatic heterotrophy in lakes.

Sensitivity of lake types and their phytoplankton to environmental disturbance

Aquatic microbial community responses to episodic events in Atlantic humic catchments

Modelling the impacts of atmospheric episodic events on the thermal response of lakes.

Effect of storm events on microbial dynamics and ecosystem functions in lakes.

Determination of critical thresholds for lake ecosystem resilience from long-term HFM data.

Assessing future effects on lake ecosystem resilience using data analysis and dynamic modelling.

Managing the impacts of extreme events related to inputs of organic matter on the Ecosystem Services provided by water supply reservoirs.

Mitigating negative impacts of extreme events on the sustained provision of lake ecosystem services

Towards benefit oriented rehabilitation to make degraded lakes more resilient to extreme events.

Determination of critical thresholds for ecosystem resilience from perturbation experiments.

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