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MANTEL Project 5

Modelling the impacts of atmospheric episodic events on the thermal response of lakes.

Ana Ayala
Uppsala University, Sweden
Project Overview

The overall aim of this Project 5 is to assess the effects of episodic climatic events of differing duration and intensity on the thermal structure of European lakes using dynamic modelling tools. Specific objectives include:

  1. To use existing in-situ HFM lake water temperature and meteorological data to calibrate and validate 1-D lake hydrothermal models (e.g. GOTM, GLM);

  2. To simulate episodic events in Lake Erken, Sweden and specifically assess the ability of models to reproduce these events;

  3. Evaluate the effects of factors such as model time step length, and data input requirements, on the accuracy of episodic event simulations;

  4. Develop and automate processes that systematically perturb key meteorological variables at different times of year to investigate the impact of episodic atmospheric events on physical lake parameters such as mixed depth, surface temperature, stability etc;. and

  5. Repeat this process for other MANTEL lakes across Europe to explore how variations in lake morphological and geographic characteristics influence the coupling between episodic atmospheric events and lake thermal structure.

Ana Ayala Zamora is the ESR for Project 5. Ana will be based in Uppsala University supervised by Dr Don Pierson, and co-supervised and spend study time with Dr Stéphane Goyette, University of Geneva. The PhD will be a double award given by Uppsala University and University of Geneva.

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