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Uppsala University, Sweden

Don Pierson is a researcher based at the Department of Limnology, Uppsala University, Sweden. His research deals with the interactions between climate, watershed hydrology, and lake ecosystems.  In particular how these interactions are changing as a result of global warming   To better evaluate such interactions, Don makes use of automated lake monitoring systems, and Lake modelling simulations.  He works both at the Department of Limnology in Uppsala and the Erken Laboratory in Norrtälje.  As a result of his work, Lake Erken has one of the longest records of lake meteorological data and lake water temperature at temporal and vertical resolution in Europe.

Ana Ayala Zamora is the ESR for Mantel Project 5. She holds a BSc. in Civil Engineering and MSc. in Water Quality Science and Technology: Computational Techniques from the University of Granada, Spain. Her research experience has focussed on the seasonal distribution of river nutrients in reservoirs of the Mediterranean; and developing decision support tools for water quality management in water supply reservoirs.  For the latter, a prediction model was developed to estimate the cost of chemical reagents in water treatment plants, from the vertical distribution of water quality parameters in the reservoir water and the flow of water extracted from the reservoir.

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